Virginia (Standard deck)

Virginia (Standard deck)


Full day boat tour
Multilingual speaker
Access to Relax Deck
Access to Top Solarium
Access to Deluxe Deck
✘ Access to Exclusive VIP Deck is not included.


A Baja SardiniaB CannigioneC Cala di TranaD SPARGIE Porto Della MadonnaF La Maddalena

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1 CALA DI TRANA: a long stay in one of the largest beaches in the Northern Sardinia.
2 SPARGI: an exciting stop for a swim in one of the most exclusive bays of the island.
3 PORTO DELLA MADONNA: a fantastic stop for a swim in the heart of the archipelago situated among the islands of Budelli, Razzoli and Santa Maria.
4 LA MADDALENA: an hour long stop in the characteristic center of the only town situated within the archipelago area.
STANDARD TIKET (does not include access to the VIP deck)