Virginia (Standard deck)

Booking standard ticket, tour one, only on Saturdays, tour 2 ( included swimming stop in Cala Coticcio) click here to reserve itinerary 2

1. Cala Di Trana  2.Spargi (Cala Conneri) 3. Porto della Madonna + Minitour of the Porto della Madonna (Participation optional and payment required in August) 4. La Maddalena enter (Shopping Stop)
tour 2 (only in Saturday) click here to book itinerary 2
1.La Maddalena center (Shopping stop)  2.Spargi (Cala Conneri) 3. Panoramic Tour of Porto della Madona, panoramic view of Spiaggia Rosa  4. Caprera (Cala Coticcio) 


STANDARD TIKET (does not include access to the VIP deck)


  1. Baja Sardinia
  2. Cannigione
  3. Cala di Trana
  5. Porto Della Madonna
  6. La Maddalena