Vip Deck (16 pax) caprera Only In Saturday

Included access on the Vip Deck . (ONLY ADULT 10+)  Bracelet/ Entry gift
- Access reserved for max. 16 pople - Reserved sunchair - Personal ashtray - Area of recharging for smartphones - Welcome cocktail
- First course deluxe at your choice between "land or sea"- Drinks included (Soft drink, wine and water) - Mini break
- Minitour of the Porto della Madon    na area - Park Entry fees

1. La Maddalena HISTORYC CENTER (stop shopping)  2.Spargi (Cala Conneri)  3.panoramic tour  Porto della Madona, visita panoramic tour Spiaggia Rosa  - 4. Caprera (Cala Coticcio) 



Tour 2 (only in Saturday)
1.La Maddalena Center (shopping stop) 2.Spargi (Cala Conneri) 3.Panoramic tour of Porto della Madona, panoramic view of Spiaggia Rosa  - 4. Caprera (Cala Coticcio) 


Special itinerary Cala Coticcio only in saturday (Caprera)


  1. Baja Sardinia
  2. Isola Spargi
  3. Isola Budelli
  4. La Maddalena