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Sailing Ship Excursion in the Arcipelago di La Maddalena

From EUR 120

Sailing Ship Excursion

  • Lunch, drinks, dessert in the afternoon.
  • Tender for disembarking on the beaches.
  • Shower on board.
  • Snorkeling masks.

From EUR 120

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Spargi island, Porto della Madonna lagoon(situated between Is.budelli, Is.Razzoli e Is. Santa maria), the famous Pink Beach, he historical center of La Maddalena town as well as the unmissable beauties of the Caprera island.
While sailing, you will admire the Bear Rock in Palau and Porto Rafael. The captain will lead you to the less crowded beaches, but the final itinerary will always depend on the sea conditions as well. The itinerary includes the Spargi island and Porto della Madonna lagoon. As the last stop you will choose between he historical center of la Maddalena town or one more stop for a swim a the Caprera island.


  1. Cannigione
  2. Baja Sardinia
  3. Saprgi
  4. Porto Della Madonna
  5. La Maddalena
  6. Caprera